Our approach is to provide our clients with customised services in crucial areas of law. We focus on expertise, stringent cost transparency, i.e. fixed fees and constant availability to ensure our clients understand they are our highest priority. In other words, reliable, affordable services, flexibility and accessibility on par with having your own personal lawyer, with no clock ticking. This is the kind of service and client connection that we are aiming at.

We place great value on flexibility and mobility. Setting appointments on the telephone, conducting meetings in the office and exchanging documents in hard copy form costs time, money and are in the process of being replaced by modern means of communication. New technologies allow highly individualised and efficient delivery of services as well as cost savings. It is now often possible to digitally manage the whole case from A to Z. Convenient, fast, simple. Accessible even directly from your smartphone. Naturally, we would be happy to meet you in our office and to provide you services ‘in the traditional way’. It's your choice.

An overview of our services is as follows:

We focus on international Start-ups and SMEs. We will be equally happy to welcome you as a consumer.


We've come a long way.

I traveled thro' a Land of Men
A Land of Men and Women too
And heard and saw such dreadful things
As cold Earth wanderers never knew.

William Blake, The Mental Traveller