We will be happy to provide you advice pertaining to English law in all our practice areas and to support you with marketing your goods in England – one of the largest European markets.

English law is one of the most popular and reputable legal systems worldwide. In particular, the business world deploys it extensively and frequently. What are the reasons for its proliferation? The sanctity of contract and private autonomy are highly valued in English law, which due to its unique development offers commercially interesting and effective legal instruments, not provided by continental legal systems. Presently you’ll find a shortlist of some of the ‘highlights’ of English law.


Contract Law

Company Law

Wills, Trusts, Succession

Insolvency Law

We will be happy to answer all your questions pertaining to English law. We will dedicate as much time and effort as necessary to your concerns, so that your decision-making will be as simple as possible. As pledged, we work with fixed fees where legally possible.