• The Law Society Gazette of Enland and Wales, English civil litigation: A secure perch.
    A brief comparison of the adversarial and the inquisitorial systems (case management), taking Germany as an example of an inquisitorial system and England as an example of an adversarial system.
  • 'How to control risks in commercial contracts' – presentation at CIMA/London.
  • Participant of the Roundtable Discussion 'Court reforms, self-representation, and the prospect of a more inquisitorial justice system' at the Law Society of England and Wales, 8 Februar 2019.
  • Law of International Economy (RIW) 12/2018, A Quiet Riot – The Quistclose trust as quasi-security in English Law
  • Journal of International Commercial Law („Zeitschrift für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht“) 5/2018, The German Civil Procedure Code and the English CPR.
    The article gives a comparative overview of a number of key provisions of the English Civil Procedure Rules and the German Civil Procedure Code.
  • Participation in the Law Society's 'Solicitor Chat' on 29 November 2018 and on 7 Februar 2019.
  • Presentation („THE GDPR – First Aid Action Plan For SMEs“) at the Association of Chinese Financial Professionals in Germany
  • Journal of International Commercial Law („Zeitschrift für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht“) 5/2017, Part 36 Offer in English Civil Litigation.
    This article provides an overview of the Part 36 Offer according to the English Procedure Rules – an interesting legal instrument to facilitate settlements without trial.
  • Journal of International Commercial Law („Zeitschrift für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht“) 1/2018, The 'bespoke' protection of minority shareholders in England.
    A summary of the unfair prejudice remedy according to ss 994-996 Companies Act 2006 (statutory protection of minority shareholders).
  • 'EVENT REPORT: CAPTURING EUROPEAN VIEWS ON THE PROGRESS OF BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS', Brexit Roundtable Event on 2 May 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany, published on 'Keep Calm Talk Law' on 27 May 2018
  • 'Brexit: How to exit contracts', published on
    You can read the article here:
  • Interview with Hessen Trade & Invest Brexit Update - up-to-date information for entrepreneurs and companies Interview topic: "The GDPR and Brexit"
    Dimitri comments on a number of essential issues of the GDPR as well as the effects of Brexit on processing of personal data.



The transnational trust has been enjoying increasing popularity, even in non-trust countries, due to a number of factors like the increased mobility of capital or the rising number of national regulations. This raises questions about conflicts of law. The term “conflict of laws” describes situations where a matter involves the laws of more than one state.

The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition aims to harmonise the choice of law rules applicable in states party to the Convention. Another major goal of the Convention is to provide for the recognition of trusts falling within its scope, giving guidance to contracting non-trust states as to what effect they must give a trust in their legal system.

The publication analyses the key provisions of the Convention in order to allow a comprehensive evaluation of whether the Convention succeeds in its goals - harmonising common law choice of law rules and helping non-trust countries overcome characterisation difficulties and give effect to trust in their legal systems.