Finding an expert is a task that requires a lot of effort. Finding an affordable expert can require even more effort.

An expert will step in and turn a crisis around or they will provide advice that prevents such a situation from arising in the first place. This can decide the fate and continuation of your business, which may have taken you years to grow.

Why is it difficult to find an affordable expert? I believe there's a number of reasons.

First, finding an expert is somewhat like finding a good, reliable partner. It takes a while and success is far from guaranteed.

Secondly, a person requires a lot of determination, discipline, studying, training, and experience to become one. Accordingly, many experts are of the opinion that they are entitled not only to bill the time that they require to complete a particular project or task, but also to “price in“ the time and the effort they required in order to attain their status as “expert“. Generally, experts are very expensive.

Finally, experts are difficult to get access to. As a rule they work within their networks, they are happy with their workloads, and they are eager to maintain a particular client standard.

How can you recognize an expert? An expert has knowledge, vision, and courage. An expert is fond of learning.

In my opinion, it is worthwhile to start looking for a good specialist early, when you do not need their services yet. A good yardstick for example are their publications or public statements. Read some of their work or look their statements up. Contact them if you have questions or suggestions, try to start a dialogue and assess the situation.

Another interesting indicator that almost always gets overlooked is the philosophical foundations. As Kenan Malik recently pointed out in The Guardian, “Science is not simply the accumulation of empirical data. It is also about the questions we ask, the methods we employ to answer those questions, the conceptual frameworks within which we fit the facts.“ Have a look at the expert's “philosophy“. Again, publications can be useful there.